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About Us

A pioneering institution in the field of local heavy transport across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2017, and aims to be one of the best providers of logistics services in the field of heavy transport via land roads in the Kingdom, through speed of performance, complete safety, and the quality of logistics services provided

Our vision

The first destination for all land logistics services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Mission

A leading institution in local and global land logistics services, in order to serve its local and international customers in the best modern ways and keep pace with the new global development

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Safety and Security


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Our goals

To be a pioneer in all land logistical transport operations locally and globally

the facility achieves international quality standards in all its operations and at all stages

That the facility provides the ideal services to its clients according to their needs before, during and after the service with high professionalism

That the facility owns all modern trucks, machinery and equipment that keep pace with global developments constantly

That the facility provides periodic maintenance privileges for all trucks, equipment and devices it owns

That the facility provides all modern technical requirements to keep pace with global technological developments in logistics services constantly

Attracting and retaining promising and qualified national competencies in the field of land logistics services

Training and continuous development of all human cadres in the facility in an organized manner

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